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Case Study Crime Rates

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Alisha Hietala
Mrs. Murray
6 September 2014
Case Study: Analyzing Crime Rates

Looking at the case study, and analyzing the crime rates in the U.S., I learned that, the crime rates fluctuate with the poverty rates. In theory when people have good jobs crime goes down, but this has not been proven to be true as of yet, criminologist are still studying this theory, and this is not away that crime can be prevented, because there will always be poverty. However the theory that longer prison sentences could affect the crime rates is also one that is discussed in the study, but this could also have a negative effect as well. To explain, if we extended the incarceration for the small petty crimes, like low-level drug offenders, or petty burglary, and car-thefts, it may have two different effects on the crime rates. One effect would be that the offender is off the street for a longer time, but without reforming programs in the prison system they will get out and more than likely reoffend. The second way it could have an impacted, is that the first time potential offender, whom may not commit the crime for fear of the longer time in jail. Our Prison system cannot be the only way to control the crime rates, this could only temporarily impact the rates, but also could have a backlash the effect as well, most prisoner go in to prison knowing one type of crime, but if they are incarcerated for an extend period of time, they normally come out with a new criminal skill or two. And this could potentially spike the crime rate. This also causes over-crowding in the prisons and jails, which puts more of a strain on the system and so early release for good behavior comes in to play. Another way of reducing crime is to lessen the risks of petty crimes, meaning update protection for the individual or potential victims. If potential victims would take small steps to…...

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