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In a country like India where road traffic has become one of the biggest challenges for a majority of people, carpooling offers a lucrative option to drastically cut the fuel costs for individuals, reduce commute times by lowering traffic on the roads and help reduce pollution levels.
As cities expand in breadth, the time taken to travel and the distances to travel – both have been on an upswing. While the bigger problems of setting up efficient infrastructure and proper public transport continue to linger on, entrepreneurs have pounced at this opportunity to make a difference. The jury is still out there about the success or failure of the idea.
Transportation is a major issue these days. One of the most used means of communication in roadways. One of the major forms of road transport consists of the private passenger car. These cars are generally used with only a single rider. An overabundance of cars create various problems which includes increased traffic, increased pollution, parking congestion and many more. Car sharing aims at solving this problem by targeting the empty seats in the private cars. Employees of the same area or the students going to the same school can carpool. This can be done as the know each other and can communicate. But when going on an inter-city trip you are not aware if some other person also intends to make the same journey. Thus the applications helps you in seeing people and journey schedules and make an informed decision about do you wish to travel alone or save money and travel with a safe company. Furthermore, carpooling has documented social and environmental benefits that include: It helps in reducing traffic congestion as number of vehicles on the road can be reduced significantly. Miles of travel of a particular vehicle and emission of gases by the vehicles can also be reduced. As the…...

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