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Sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka-1216
Phone:01676 33 88 06

Muntasir Mamun
Director, CEO, Designer
Phone: 01676 33 88 06

Rezwanul Hoque
Managing Director, assistant Designer
Phone: 01673 85 47 78

Anindita Mozumder
Marketing Head
Phone: 0168 57 69 92
Muqaddim, Ghulam Ahmad Abdul
Lnad Providor
Phone: 01670 64 58 18

Shanzida Yesmin
Account Head
Phone: 01682 61 46 55

Table of content A. Executive Summary 3

B. Company History 4

C. Business Industry Profile 5 1. Industry analysis 5 I. Overview 5 II. Significant Trend 5 III. Growth Rate 5 IV. Key Success Factor 6 V. Five Forces Model 7 2. Growth: Expansion of the business in the future 8 3. Goals and Objectives 8

D. Business strategy 9

1. SWOT Analysis 9 2. Competitive Strategy 9 I. Cost leadership 9 II. Differentiation 10 III. Focus 10

E. Description of the Firm’s Product or Service: 11

1. Description 11 I. Product line 11-12 II. Customer Benefit: 13 III. Warranties and Guarantees 13 IV. Uniqueness 13

* Executive summary

Choice and taste differs from person to person. Everyone wishes to have thing like their own and uniqueness in their things. Now a day’s a huge number of people in our country are using private vehicle. Most of them desire to have something different than others; they wish to have a exotic or sports type vehicles or at least a different look to their vehicles. But owning an expensive car is not always possible for everyone. Therefore the increasing demand of vehicle modification stuffs has gathered our attention for to be interested in opening a business of modifying vehicles. The business is all about modifying 4 & 2 wheeler vehicles. In our business we are going to import vehicle customization stuffs of renowned brands. We will also be modifying normal car into…...

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