Captain Phillips

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Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips was really an inspiring movie, considering the fact that it was based on true incident in 2009. I wasn’t aware about this incident before watching the movie. Captain Phillips was indeed brave and a true leader who held himself hostage in order to keep his crew and ship safe from the pirates and getting himself rescued in the end.
After the movie and the class discussion, I got to learn some important learning which are important in day to day life of a leader. Captain Phillip’s anticipating and preparing himself before any incident took place ensuring the ship doors were locked and the crew was ready for any unseen event. This shows he learnt from his experience and prepared for the worst. Also staying calm and focused and not creating a panic is important during attacks and disaster. He inspired me how he was protective about his crew even though he dint knew everyone in person. This made him earn their trust. He also was smart to let the crew know where he was moving with the pirates in the ships and also giving them clues as to how the crew could fight with the pirates making their weakness as the crew’s strength. He let the pirates take him as hostage in order to make sure being a captain, his ship and crew would be safe. There were two leaders in the movie, one was Captain Phillip’s and other was Musa. Both were different kind of leaders. Captain Phillip’s was more planned and knew what he was doing. But, Musa was an aggressive leader and took decision in haste. Captain Phillips also showed how being kind and helpful to your enemy can work for you. He helped the young boy with the pirates and the young boy became less hostile against Captain Phillip’s. Hence, it’s important to not forget humanity for anybody even though he is your enemy. The US marine also, showed a smart step of separating the leader Musa from the crew and…...

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