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Introduction: in this assignment I am going to explain the 8 individual skills in the person specification that an employee will need in order to carry out the job duties.
I will describe the main employability and personal and communication skills required when applying for a job as a casual youth worker at Harlow Council. After that I will assess the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment process in Harlow Council

The role of a casual worker: is working with the youth, answering questions, providing information and support, handling of complaints and lastly you need to have a high level of specific skills.
* Skills are the ability to do things properly, eg. Speaking of different languages and explaining things to people and so on. Below are the skills a casual worker must have to be in for the job.

Skills needed to work as casual worker are: * Communications * Education qualification * Teamwork * Past experience * Computer skills * Be polite and professional * Able to work overtime/weekends * Employability skills/helpfulness
Communication: as casual worker handle clients or youth parents’ concerns by phone. For this reason since they are unable to see the clients or parents face to face its important they are skilled communicators. They must be good listeners and clear when they are speaking with the clients or parents because some parents are from different countries and English might not be their first English. The worker will need good listening skills so that they can easily deal with any problems the youth have. They will also need them when they are given instructions on what to do from their managers and when working with other staff members. A casual worker should speak proper English and be able to avoid slang. When writing emails or letters, they must practice good…...

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