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The Causes and Effects of Divorce

The causes and effects of divorce

Divorce refers to a legal act, which dissolves the marriage and terminates rights and obligations between husband and wife through agreement or litigation (Psychology Today, nd). Nowadays the phenomenon of divorce is becoming very common in the world. This caused widespread concern by the whole society. There are many causes can lead to a divorce and the causes are usually complex and diverse. Also divorce may result in a lot of effects.
There are three main causes that lead to a divorce. First of all, marital infidelity is the first and foremost reason for the divorce. This is a very serious mental harm to the spouse and difficult to repair. Owing to divorce likes a war without winners, both of husband and wife do not want to wage this internecine war easily. Nevertheless, marital infidelity usually turns into the blasting fuse of the war. No matter whether is man or woman’s extramarital affair, it can be a fatal blow to the marriage. If it happens, it will be one of the most traumatic experiences in the whole life.
In the second place, husband and wife have a lack of mutual understanding and get married in haste. If they find many different points of each other and even other’s shortcomings after marriage, they may regret they get the wrong person. Due to they do not have a solid emotional foundation, marriage cannot bear the temptation. Therefore, even though there is a small conflict, it may make couples break with each other thoroughly.
Last but not least, marital violence is the important cause that brings about the divorce. It not only hurt the spouse's body, but also makes a severe blow for the feelings of many years. The marital violence includes cold violence and hot violence. Both of them have a negative impact on the marriage.
Divorce not only has a lot of complicated causes,…...

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