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To write an effective essay your main goal is to use one or more of the rhetorical modes.
I use the different modes almost everyday on a personal and professional level. For instance, argumentative could be used in the work area, but might make some people get in to a disagreement about certain issues. Argumentative is an educated guess or opinion and not necessarily a fact, it is simply a form of debating. For instance, my husband smoke cigarettes, but it should be banned because it is not healthy. He does not agree with me and says “people live for many years smoking cigarettes”. I can provide him with evidence to back up my reasons. Not all the time you will agree with what someone else does or says, so that is when argument writing comes in place, because everyone has their own opinions.

I use narration writing almost everyday with my job. I work at a helicopter pad that transports military and civilians across Iraq to different destinations. When someone gets hurt on the job I have to fill out an incident report. This document describes the event indebt that, and make the person that has to read it understand what happened easily and feel as if they was there. In the report I have to write down in order from the time the person came off the helicopter till the time of the accident. I also keep a journal and I write in narration form, so I can go back and recall my days.

Process Analysis/Illustration is an essay or form of writing with intelligent examples which supports this thesis statement. Some topics require more adequate illustrations than others. Therefore, the writer should consider cautiously analyzing the possible way of expressing writer’s ideas.

The last form of writing I will describe is a very informative mode for my job also. I have a lot of unauthorized personnel trying to get on the helicopter. If they do not have a…...

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