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Title: Someone To Watch Over Me
Author: Judith McNaught

The story begins with the perfect life of a Broadway actress Leigh, whose life has been one long dream, complete with wildly successful career, perfect home, a husband who showers her with love and affection, and a very sophisticated lifestyle. Excepting for a stalker who sends her expensive gifts, nothing was wrong or could ever go wrong. So it seemed.

The next chapter opens with her lying in the hospital, rescued from an accident where the police inform her that her husband Logan was missing. The story flashes back to the previous morning, when Logan goes off to their future home in the mountains, with Leigh to follow after the matinee show. The police finally find Logan’s body in the car up in the mountains, and Leigh becomes prime suspect.

The story proceeds and in comes Valente, Logan’s business partner who appears to have a violent crime history. The police shift their suspicion from Leigh to Valente, and Lt. McCord is assigned on the case primarily because there is a chance that Valente might be the culprit. Valente and Leigh come closer, and Leigh discovers who Valente’s love interest for the last fifteen years was: Liegh herself. Apparently Valente was an old acquaintance from her pre-stardom days and he had been in love with her since then.

Meanwhile the police dig deeper in Logan’s life and it appears that the marriage had not been as successful as Leigh had believed. Logan was having an affair with his counselor Sheila, who had been the couple’s family friend since the beginning of the story. After many loose ends and blind spots and number of suspects, the killer appears to be ANOTHER lover of Logan, Jane Sebring. She was also having an affair with him and had killed him when he tried to break things off with her.

Although many seem to have guessed about the killer, I for one was…...

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