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Tutorial: The Communicator

Technique Identifier Case 1

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Technique Identifier Case 1

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NT Technique Identifier Aphasic
Technique 1
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Result: Correct


Dismissive behavior is an ineffective style of interpersonal communication because the nurse indicates that another person’s opinions or presence is not wanted or needed.

Technique 2
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Displaying a caring attitude supports the establishment of a therapeutic relationship by conveying genuine concern and a feeling of emotional closeness, which results in the nurse’s ability to achieve a greater level of communication and understanding with the client.

Technique 3
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Clarifying is a therapeutic communication technique because it allows the nurse to validate the message received to ensure that both the nurse and client have a mutual interpretation of the message. Page 1 of 3
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Technique 4
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Focused questions are a therapeutic communication technique because they allow the nurse to clarify a message, collect data, encourage feedback, and confirm the client’s ideas and beliefs.

Technique 5
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Shaming is an ineffective style of interpersonal communication because the nurse mistreats a client or health team member with communication that belittles the other person,…...

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