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They allowed to customize, experimented to overtook nest loss 76 million.
High rates of obscolence or perishable low level of inventory but easy supply

1. Is Dell's working capital management a competitive advantage?

Dell introduced built-to-order manufacturing to the PC industry. This manufacturing process allowed for customers to have customized PCs with the latest technology, and Dell was able to keep its work-in-process (WIP) and finished goods inventory at very low levels. So less capital is spent in inventory and storage. WIP and Finished goods percent to total inventory was 10-20 while IBM e.g. 50-70. See Exhibit 2 DSI is constantly reducing and therefore storage cost as well which affects finally reducing CoGS

The company markets its computers directly to its customers and builds computers after receiving a customer order. This build-to-order model enables Dell to have much smaller investment in working capital than its competitors. (same as Just in Time)

It also enables Dell to more fully enjoy the benefits of reduction in component prices and to introduce new products more quickly.

Low Inventory led to quick adoption of changing technology- e.g. flaw in Intel chip.

Dell has grown quickly and has been able to finance that growth internally by its efficient use of working capital and its profitability.

2. How did Dell fund its 52% growth in 1996? ews In 1996, their operating margin increased from 4% to 5% (in 1996)…Operating assets as percentage of sales also reduced….from 31.94% to 29.40% (in 1996)…(operational efficiency) so sales increased using less assets, this generated extra working capital to fund growth.

3. Assuming Dell sales will grow 50% in 1997, how might the company fund this growth internally? How much would working capital need to be reduced and/or profit margin increased?…...

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...The Body Shop The Body Shop, one of the 21st Century's most iconic brands, started its first store in 1976. Today, it welcomes over 275 million shoppers to its stores every year, and has over 2,700 stores in 63 countries worldwide. Since its inception the essence of The Body Shop has been selling products made from natural ingredients. The customers found these products unique and were attracted towards the concept. But a major push for the brand came when the company got actively involved in social activism. In 1986 the company launched a campaign together with Greenpeace to save the whale. Similarly, it launched many other promotional campaigns with a social cause at the core. These campaigns gathered a lot of media and public interest. The company also protests firmly against the use of animals for testing cosmetics. Its web site explains that it does not sell or use either finished products or ingredients that were tested on animals after 31 December 1990. Today, The Body Shop is known for its commitment to values: Against Animal Testing, Community Fair Trade, Protect the Planet, Defend Human Rights and Activate Self Esteem. But the organization wants to be just as well known for its beauty credentials and product innovation. That is why it has started a new beauty movement called ‘Beauty with Heart’. The campaign talks about not just looking good, but feeling good and doing good, too. The best way......

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...The Body Shop International plc, known as The Body Shop, founded in the UK in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick. The Body Shop is a global manufacturer and retailer of naturally inspired, ethically produced beauty and cosmetics products. It is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. Its carries a wide range of products for the body, face, hair and home with a range of over 1,200 products, all animal cruelty free, and many with fairly traded natural ingredients. The Body Shop has emphasized its support for a wide range of issues around the globe. Its core values are: Against Animal Testing, Support Community Trade, and Activate Self Esteem, and Defend Human Rights, and Protect Our Planet. The Body Shop spans over 50 countries and 21 languages and employs more than 6,000 people in company stores, regional offices, and the UK-based Service Centre. Now have over 2,100 stores in 55 countries. Such a big international company is not easy to manage it, but The Body Shop has done it well in its administrative. Specializing of labour Management realized that specializing of employees encourages continuous improvement in skills and the development of improvements in methods and specializing leads increases the efficiency of labour, so that The Body Shop establish a global ‘Centre of Excellence’ for learning and development of retail employees that identifies and delivers best in class customer service . All employees are invited to attend an induction program within three......

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...Baggrundshistorie for The Body Shop og L’Oréal 8 3.0. Analyse 10 3.1. Analyse af The Body Shop og L’Oréal ud fra Ingleharts teori om modernitet og postmodernitet 10 3.2. Analyse af primære data 12 4.0. Diskussion 16 4.1. Etisk mainstreaming i skønhedsbranchen 17 4.2. Brandværdi 20 4.3. Diskussion af hypoteser og deres validitet 21 5.0. Konklusion 24 6.0. Kilder 25 Bilag 1 29 Kerneværdier i moderne og postmoderne virksomheder: et casestudie af L’Oréal og The Body Shop 1.0. Indledning 1.1. Introduktion, emnevalg og motivation Dette projekt omhandler kosmetikgiganten L’Oréals opkøb af den miljøbevidste kæde The Body Shop i 2006. Selvom begge organisationer er specialiseret indenfor pleje- og skønhedsprodukter, virkede opkøbet i manges øjne upassende, da The Body Shop repræsenterer og kæmper for miljømæssige emner, blandt andet afskaffelsen af dyreforsøg, hvorimod L’Oréal er kendt som en af de sidste kosmetikproducenter, der endnu ikke har afskaffet dyreforsøg (Pitman, 2006). På trods af de grundlæggende uoverensstemmelser mellem de to organisationers kerneværdier, er samarbejdet fortsat i næsten et årti, og formålet med dette projekt er at undersøge hvordan forbrugerne har reageret på opkøbet, og hvad der gør, at forbrugerne fortsat køber The Body Shop produkter til trods for, at de nu er ejet af en virksomhed med et modstridende kerneværdisæt. Projektet vil søge, at forklare kerneværdierne i både L’Oréal og The Body Shop ved hjælp af Ingleharts......

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...Introduction The Body Shop was established in 1976, selling scented soaps and lotions, made only from natural ingredients. Within 14 years, the company expanded into 39 countries, with over 1200 lines of products today. The founder, Anita Roddick, was known as an avid social activist and she largely promotes and supports causes such as ending animal testing In 2006, The Body Shop was bought by L’Oréal SA for £652m. The Body Shop- Managing Public Relations Anita Roddick was quick to recognise that there was a market for natural-based skin products that were free from chemicals and were not tested on animals. After gaining awareness on public’s position, The Body Shop took steps in building an effective public relations programme. This programme includes marketing its brand as one that is socially responsible, their core values being: against animal testing, support community trade, activate self-esteem, defend human rights, protect our planet. With clearly defined core values, the business was able to influence consumer’s imaginations, and perceive The Body Shop as an ethical business presence. In 1990, upon conducting environmental analysis, Anita Roddick took a different approach in promoting her products, claiming that she was uninterested in seducing consumers with expensive images. Instead, she established the environmental projects and community care department to portray the company as one that is socially responsible. This was part of its business plan of......

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...The Body Shop, founded England in 1970, manufactures cosmetics that uses natural-ingredients that is ethical and free from animal testing. The Body Shop places great importance on ethical stances such as using natural ingredients that are not tested on animals, the use of fair trade in the cosmetic industry and has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility and is actively involved in community activities. The Body Shop revolves its social and environmental campaigns around its five core values namely Defending Human Rights, Supporting Community Trade, Protecting the Planet, Against Animal Testing and Promoting Self-Esteem (The Body Shop 2012). a) How well are they handling this? Defending Human Rights The Body Shop has a strong belief in the welfare of people, having a strong concern and respect for their heart and soul. They began their awareness campaign for HIV and AIDS since 1993, raising over £1m for the Staying Alive Foundation (Rawat 2010). The campaign against domestic violence attained £2.5m across 50 over countries by 2007. They also have awareness and funding campaigns to support the fight against human trafficking (The Body Shop 2012). Supporting Community Trade In 2007, The Body Shop was given a ‘Big Tick’ award by Business in the Community for their Community and Ethical Trade programmes (The Body Shop 2009). Protecting the Planet In 2008, The Body Shop substituted their carrier bags with 100% recycled bags (The Body Shop 2012). To prevent waste from......

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