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Female Genital mutilation is one of the greatest violation of human rights in a girl child and women.It involves procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to female genital organs for non medical reasons. This practice is most common in the western, eastern, and north-eastern regions of Africa, in some countries in Asia and the Middle East, and among migrants from these areas still perform this awful act. Its widely done to young girls of age 14 and above and sometime even younger if they think the girl is mature enough. According to World Health Organization , FGM involves partial or total removal of female genitilia. It is classified into four kinds. Firstly, Clitoridectomy:ial or total removal of the clitoris or clitoral hood by slicing it off mercilessly with a sharp unsterile objects. Secondly, Infibulation which is the narrowing of the vagina with creation of a coverin g seal .The seal is formed by cutting and repositioning he inner and outer labia without removing clitoris. Thirdly , we have Excision; which is the removal of clitoris and vaginal lips.This method involves deep cutting and may lead to death. Lastly , there is pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterization which is very painful and traumatic .(UNICEF ,2013) There are different reasons why FGM is practiced but mostly many people do it for cultural reasons. Some communities do them for religious and social factors like rite of passage for marriage purposes.In Kenya FGM is associated with cultural ideas of modesty which incude the notion that the woman is “clean” and “beautiful” after undergoing the knife. Girls are encouraged to do it so they can get a husband and get married off. Unmarried women are looked down upon as a taboo so a lot of young girls are ok going through FGM so they can get married. The emphasis with the practice discourages young girls from being sexually active , hence keeping themselves pure for their husbands. More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been cut in the 29 countries in Africa and Middle East where FGM is concentrated (WHO Media center ,2014). Statistics show 2 out 5 Kenyan women have undergone FGM making it about 3million young girls at risk every year in Kenya alone. According to Mbugua(1997) , 'The more girls are educated the more they will be in a position to make their own choices'. Therefore education plays a big part in winning the battle of FGM practices. A lot of these girls are held against their will and forcefully forced to the” cutting” for a better bride price to their parents as well. Only 62% educated girls were circumscised compare to 96% of those who were not educated in the communities that performed FGM. The use of slang among young men shows a change in attitudes: an uncircumcised girl is referred to as a manyanga ( Swahili for young, new), while a circumcised one is nicknamed mitumba (second hand, or used) hence lower bride price for the latter. In January 2013, the federal FGM law was amended by the Transport for Female Genital Mutilation Act, which prohibits knowingly transporting a girl out of the country for the purpose of undergoing FGM (ahafoundation).This was passed since there were cases where immigrants in the usa would send their children to their origin country to be circumcised. In Most of these cases the children had no idea since they are sent back to their origin countries on holidays in the name of taking a vacation.Later , they would come back to the US circumcised. According to Macionis(2013) many immigrant mothers and grandmothers who have themselves mutilated insist that young girls in their family follow the same example and indeed they do. In conclusion, Mutilation of girls has highly been discouraged by educating more women and create awareness of the act being more of a harm than good. Some communities in Kenya FGM has been replaced with Alternative Rite . It began with African schools of Kenya and 52 maasai girls became women without undergoing the knife in August 2012.(Darcel,epoch time 2013)


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