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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 5
Marketing Strategy 6
Background 6
Company 6
Products 7
Situational Analysis 7
Market Share 8
Goals 8
Strategy 9
SWOT Analysis 9
Strengths 10
Weaknesses 11
Opportunities 11
Threats 12
Customers 12
Competitors 14
Positioning 14
Competitor Market Share 15
Collaborators 15
Role of Partnerships 15
Complimentary Businesses 16
Climate 16
Political/Legal 16
Economic 16
Technological 17
Social/Cultural 17
Issues Analysis 17
Personal Computer Market 17
New Products 17
International Operations 18
Digital rights management system (DRM) 18 eBusiness Models 18
Market Research and Market Intelligence 20
Marketing Strategy 25
Tactical e-Marketing and Communications Planning 28
Tactical Approach 28
Product 28
Promotion 29
Price 31
Place 31
Use of Technology 31
Delivery Mechanism 34
Flexible manufacturing plants 34
Supplier Relationship Management. 35
Channel Management 36
Marketing Communications 37
Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan 37
Overarching Goals of the Plan 38
Message Development 38
Communication Media, Venues, and Campaign Elements 39
Tactical Marketing Plan Elements 40
Regulation and Ethics Issues 45
Responding to Regulation and Ethics Issues 46
Assessing E-Marketing Effectiveness 47
Conclusion 50
References 51

List of Figures
Figure 1 - Porter's Five Forces Analysis Framework 22
Figure 2 - Comparative Competitor Specifications 23
Figure 3 ' Online Advertising Tracking Sample 30
Figure 4 - Shop Floor Hierarchy 35
Figure 5 - Collaborative Marketplaces and E-Hubs 36
Figure 6 - Demand Management 37
Figure 7 - Transactional and Relationship Marketing 38
Figure 8 - Example of iPod Shuffle Messaging 39
Figure 9 - Adoption Curves for Various Media 40
Figure 10 ' Integration of the Product Lines 41
Figure 11 ' eCommerce Access 41
Figure 12 ' Uses for…...

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... political/legal component, and global component (Chapter 2, Management Environment, slide 5). As for Apple, they have their own factors which is P.E.S.T. (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological) factors that affect them to make a decision-making process. These are the explanation about PEST : 1. Political Factor Political factor is a factor by looking at federal, state, and local laws, as well as other countries’ laws and global laws, include a country’s political conditions and stability (Chp. 2 Management Environment, slide 5). Since 2007 until 2009 it is accounted for that more than a 50% of offers of their items originates from nations other than America. To decrease their working expense Apple likewise spread their item assembling to diverse organizations outside America. Cork, Ireland, Korea, China and Czech Republic are a percentage of alternate states where Apple put their organization. Awful universal relations, wars, terrorism, and general wellbeing issues between U.S. also, these states may give a negative effect that may harm the Apple Inc. notoriety and additionally their business process. Just like when there is political precariousness between to states where Apple works their business, a business postponement could be happen and subsequently the picture of Apple Inc. could turn out to be terrible to its clients and retailers. (Management of Apple Inc., P.E.S.T Factors, Political Factor Analysis). 2. Economic Factor Economic factor is factor......

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...uses slave labor to build iPhones, and they even admit they use child labor. As a report from CBC News pointed on Jan 29th 2011, each iPhone is made by young children’s hand and Apple only give them minimum slave wages. Even though an audit team uncovered several rules at the Longhua plant violate Apple’s code of conduct, Steve Jobs wasn’t mad at Terry Gou because without Terry, Steve wouldn’t be able to reach his goal. When working conditions at Foxconn became unbearable, workers started committing suicide by jumping to their death. The company responded by installing nets to catch people. Suicide problem solved. Yet the consumer relations problem was far from solved, and workplace conditions hadn’t changed overnight. Ironically, the same people who criticize Apple, use Apple products and, ultimately, admit that Apple is possibly the only company doing anything about the problem. Most of my co-workers in my company own at least one Apple products. During a lunch break the other day, after I told them the article I read about how Foxconn treat their employees, they made a lot of criticize and commons, however, they admitted that they still own and use Apple products. One of them stated, “If I stop using Apple product, I’ll never find another I-phone that made the same way”. Under pressure from Apple and other major brands, Foxconn has pledged to improve working conditions in China, and the company has hired psychiatrists to counsel workers. The company has also begun a......

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