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How Boundaries are established within CBT

1. Through Contract Setting

References from: Contracts in Counselling edited by Charlotte Sills Cognitive-Behavioural Counselling in Action Peter Trower, Andrew Casey and Windy Dryden. Both from Sage Publishing.

As a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist I would look at setting up and establishing certain boundaries through the contract, by giving a detailed explanation of the negotiation of Boundary Conditions and the need for this as part of the therapeutic work. The Boundary Conditions being, my client and myself setting out and agreeing on a set of ground rules for future sessions. This would take place within the initial stage of ‘getting started’ A contract often known in CBT as ‘a rolling contract’ written in the first instance would generally be set out with such things to be included as:
Number of Sessions – I would suggest of a block of six to ten initially as I like a stricter, clearer guide to this issue.
Frequency of Sessions –Which would generally be weekly
Length of Sessions – 50 minutes, I hold the belief that by sticking to allotted number, frequency and length helps ensure I don’t get drawn in to unhelpful games or non-legitimate relationships.
Agenda Setting – Introducing the idea of ‘agenda’ for future sessions, which is useful for my client, to help know what to expect, also so as important and relevant issues are kept in focus. It is also a collaboration of ideas if my client and I give thought to ‘agenda’ for the following session.
Principle of Collaboration – This is a negotiation for team effort and shows this, in that, the client will collect and realise the issues or values in need of change and I would undertake to guide and provide the psychological support.…...

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