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Daniel Murphy * Identify the current formal and informal power structures in the organization. How might the power and political structure of the organization affect employee behavior?
The current formal power structure is a chain of command. With a chain of command there is a line of authority that stretches from the highest ranking leader all the way to the lowest, this structure defines who answers to whom, and who has the final say in any situation. This tends to result in a very structured work environment where every employee understands who has authority over them, and who they have authority over. The informal power structure is more of a team-orientated environment. This has resulted in close communities that emphasize on teamwork and communication to accomplish tasks. The downside to this kind of structure is that there can also be conflict amongst employees as they try to work in teams with the chain of command power structure in place.

* Identify the most appropriate and effective organizational structures for Riordan Manufacturing that will help them accomplish their planned changes.
I believe a good organizational structure for Riordan would be self-directed teams. Since there is already an informal team-orientated environment this structure would fit in nicely. First this kind of environment would boost morale and motivation by empowering the employees. Employees that have great knowledge and experience would be encouraged to take the lead of a team and use their experiences to the team’s advantage. The teams would work together to hit team goals, which would cut out some of the old hierarchy from the chain of command structure, which would lead to less conflict amongst the employees.

Dyonte Holmes * What are the potential effects of this selected structure on employee behavior? * Identify characteristics of the…...

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