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i am a The Moon Is Down is a novella by John Steinbeck. The title refers to a phrase spoken by Banquo's son Fleance in Shakespeare's Macbeth. It was published in March of 1942. The story details a military occupation of a small town in Northern Europe by the army of an unnamed nation at war with England and Russia (much like the occupation of Norway by the Germans during World War II). A French language translation of the book was published illegally in Nazi-occupied France by Les Editions de Minuit, a French Resistance publishing house[citation needed]. Furthermore, numerous other editions were also secretly published across all of occupied Europe, including Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Italian versions.[citation needed]. It has appeared in at least 92 editions across the world[citation needed].
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Plot summary
In the story, an invading force arrives at a coal mining town in Europe and takes it over. Their goal is simple: to control the coal mine and organize increased production and exportation of coal. The occupiers soon find themselves in conflict with the townspeople as a resistance movement begins. They try to combat the resistance and force the inhabitants into submission, but realize the futility of this, as it becomes clear the war is lost.
The Moon Is Down is a story one can view from both sides. The main characters include both the townspeople and the officers of the occupation force. The conflict starts at the beginning of the occupation as an illusion of a friendly takeover both the invaders and the locals try to maintain, is shattered by the deaths of several people killed because of futile resistance attempts.
At first, things go well. The locals are stunned and confused, and the invaders busily…...

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