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Team Analysis of Apple
Apple’s sale has increased dramatically since 2001 after the introduction of the iPod mp3 player. Apple employees more than 60,000 employees a year this includes management and supervisors. Many companies consider Apple to be the most prosperous electronics company in the world. There is much strength associated with Apple’s team of employees. The employees improve customer loyalty by expanding closed ecosystem. The team has implemented plans that now include a wide range of applications, software, and the development of new and better products. Since the work of the teams of Apple, Apple’s financial performance has increased over the years. Under the management of Jonathan Ive as the lead of design teams, is considered to be the world’s best. Employees at Apple have proven their efficiency by giving prediction of their goal for the newest products and succeeding.
Before the strengthening of Apple’s team work, everyone felt there was a dark side. The teams have always been challenged in many different ways. Many employees developed new skills through these challenges and became highly motivated by reaching such standards of the company. Members of the team that needed reinforcement were trained properly in order to succeed with the company. If other companies take the time to compete with challenges for their employees there may be a breakthrough in their fields. The top leaders of the company tend to give as much attention to details, development and design of their products as the top management does. This makes a difference in the team.…...

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