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Annie Hall

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Annie Hall (1977)

Annie Hall

In this film we see a glimpse of Woody Allen’s morals and personal conflict with life. In Annie Hall Allen talks to the audience as if they are sitting in on a therapy session. In this film Woody Allen plays Alvy Singer, Alvy is a psychotherapy patient who is trying to figure out his romantic relationships in life and have a better understanding of human behaviors, and the way humans think (Lee 35). In the opening of the film Allen quotes, “I would never want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.” He says this pertaining to his relationship with women. In this film the audience witnesses the romantic relationship that evolves between Annie and Alvy. The audience also watches the falling out of this relationship. Woody Allen exposes a whole different side of himself in this film. The question that Allen leaves the audience with is, why name the film Annie Hall, “ What brought about Allen’s decision to shift our attention from his own character and make Annie the film’s central figure (Lee 36)?”This is an example of how Allen leaves us questioning and gives us only a little insight to a deeper meaning in his films and morals of life. This film is the first time we witness Woody Allen as person who is going through relatable real life situations, and as a audience we have a chance to observe how Allen goes about dealing with obstacles that he my encounter in his life time. This film introduces “many of the most important philosophical themes that would concern Allen”(Lee35). This quote opens up the context of the film and gives insight to the different perspectives Woody Allen is going to introduce to us.

Lee, Sander H. Eighteen Woody Allen Films Analyzed: Anguish, God and Existentialism.
Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2002. Print.…...

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