Animal Cruelty

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Cruelty Involved in Animal Testing

Hobbes, the cat, has been under experimentation for most of his life. This is probably the last time that he will ever have to be experimented on again. Why? Because he is probably not going to make it through this time. The makers of Herbal Essences are about to force shampoo down his throat to see what happens to its organs. Even if the cat lives through the process, they are going to have to kill it to see which organs it could have damaged. If this was an actual human going through this deadly experiment, people would be in shock. Instead, scientists are testing whether or not swallowing shampoo would affect a cat. Testing on animals is a very disagreeable process that should not be allowed.

Animal testing started a numerous years ago to help provide humans with information. The process of animal testing is one of the most disturbing experiments ever done. Many cosmetics and personal care products are made every year and are put into the market after being tested on animals. Almost every product has been animal tested at some stage in its development. The website titled "Animals in Product Testing" stated, "...these products have gone through a long and complex testing process that leaves millions of animals mutilated, burned, poisoned and gassed in outmoded and unnecessary tests." From these different experiments, animals are often left with different diseases like Syphilis, herpes, or AIDS ("Animal Rights: Animal Testing"). Manufacturers of these different products say that they are performing these tests to assure our safety for these products. They want to make sure that humans are not in any amount of danger ("Animals in Product Testing").

The first point why animal testing is a unethical process is because of some of the brutal things that happen in the process. There are certain types of animals they use for…...

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