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Perspectives in International Business

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Essay/Problem #1
10 POINTS If you lived in New York and you discovered that the dollar was quoted in Beijing at Y 2.60/US$, and the Yuan were quoted in New York at $0.40, what would you do to profit from the situation? ( remember, you live in New York, you originally own U.S . Dollars).

20 POINTS Assume you have $1,000,000 U.S. dollars that you can invest for the next 180 days. Using only the data given below, answer the following questions (a and b):


Spot rate: Yen 200 per U.S. dollar
180 - day forward rate: Yen 210 per U.S. dollar
Your forecast of the spot rate in 180 days: Yen 190 per U.S. dollar
U.S. interest rate (annual): 10%
Japanese interest rate (annual): 10%

a. In which country would you invest your $1 million if you decided to use the forward market? What total amount (in dollars) would you obtain at the end of the 180 days? Show the necessary calculations. Note: Assume that there are no transaction costs.
The current spot exchange is $1 = Y200, in 180 days 200/210 =.95 which is less than what we started with, if my forecast is accurate then 210/190 = 1.1so in 180 I’ll end up with more $1.1M.. in another term with my forecast I’ll profit $100,000 in 180

b. In which country would you invest your $1 million if you are 100% certain that your forecast will come true? What total amount (in dollars) would you obtain at the end of 180 days? Show the necessary calculations. Note:…...

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