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The American Revolution: The American rebellion known as the American Revolution has many different factors. A lot of political influences existed, it was primarily an economic rebellion, because of conflict over taxation and representation in Parliament. The colonists had strong beliefs that the English government was unfair and often tyrannical. The conflicts over trade, taxes, and government representation brought about the revolution that began shaping the United States as it is today.

There were many economic influences on the American Revolution, these were not the primary causes. The colonists believed that the king, King George III controlled the colonies more than he should.. The Declaration of Independence shows this, declaring the United States free from "absolute Tyranny over the States." To add to this conflict, British forces were attempting to intimidate the colonists into submission. The colonist's attitude towards this policy was that it only gave them more cause and justification for violence.. In 1775, the colonists took up arms against the British troops in the colonies. They met at the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

Although these political conflicts were occurring simultaneously, the economic influences were greater.. The colonists couldn't even afford to pay many of the taxes imposed on them. The Stamp Act, for example, taxed practically everything imaginable. The British finally repealed the Stamp Act in 1766, but they immediately replaced it with the Declaratory Act. The Quartering Act, which was imposed in 1765, required all colonists to provide provisions and housing to British troops under any circumstances. Then Britain imposed the Tea Act of 1773, the colonists realized that once they gained that kind of monopoly over tea, the same dominance and, in effect, manipulation, would begin to appear on other commodities.…...

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