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February 3, 2016

Want a good laugh? Want to retreat from the seriousness of life? If so, read The
Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. Alice follows a rabbit down a hole and escapes to a crazy world full of talking animals, living playing cards and disappearing smiling cats. Often literature that is so far off from real life, it trying to symbolize problems with the real world. maybe not.

If Lewis Carroll doing this in Alice?

Perhaps, but

The popular scene in chapter 5 at the Mad Hatter’s tea party shows 3

themes that could symbolize something in real life. Three possible symbolic themes from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party include: nonsense, rudeness, and meanness.
Nonsense is used without the book, but at the tea party.

Toward the end of the

party the March Hare tells Alice to take the some more tea. She replies that she can’t take more because she hasn’t had any yet. The Hatter jumps in and replies “ You can’t take less, it is very easy to take more than nothing.” That was obviously a nonsense statement. Another nonsense part of the tea party is when they are talking about the purpose of a watch. After Alice points out how strange March Hare’s watch is in that is tells the day of the month but not the time, the Hatter jumps in and asks “Why should it?
Does your watch tell what year it is?” Alice tries to explain that a year lasts a long time and you don’t need a watch to know the year. The Hatter again replies with nonsense

Xxxxxxx 2 saying, “Which is just the case with mine.” Alice knows the Hatter is speaking English, but she has no idea what his crazy words mean.
Meanness was portrayed at the tea party, by the many times the animals were mean to the sleeping dormouse. They are leaning on the dormouse when Alice arrives at the…...

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