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Afraid of Being Alone

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Afraid of Being Alone
Weight rooms can be a very intimidating place, especially if a person is not very strong. When I was in high school, I really liked the whole idea of working out. I thought it was very interesting how a person could transform into a new version of themselves that barely resembled their old looks. (At least that’s what the magazines said.) Unfortunately, I had the least amount of knowledge about what exactly I was supposed to do in a weight room. After doing some research reading books, online articles, and watching online videos, I started to teach myself a basic beginner routine. This routine mainly consisted of a bench press, squat, and deadlift, or otherwise known as the big three. The only other exercises I did were accessory work, which would help to increase the big three. I had a good friend named Cesar that had been working out for years since he played on the football team. Cesar continued helping me by giving me more tips, as well. Furthermore, after research and talking to Cesar, I decided that I was ready to officially start working out. Cesar persuaded me to join the workout class at my high school called excel. This class was very simple. It consisted of a teacher supervising the students, and the students would get graded on whether they were working out or not. I really enjoyed lifting with Cesar, because he really pushed me to work hard. He was also my spotter for when I lifted heavy weights, just in case I missed a rep. Because I lifted with him so much, I unnoticeably developed a reliance on him. It also seemed like everybody else in the excel class had a partner or even a group to workout with. Because of this, I assumed that lifting weights was always supposed to be done with another person. When a day would come that Cesar didn’t come to school, I would just skip the class because I did not want to lift without a partner. This went on throughout the rest of the year until the school year was over.
Now that the excel class was over, I needed somewhere else to workout at. As a result, Cesar and I joined a local gym. The first day I went to the local gym, I was in for a surprise. First off, this gym was huge compared to my excel gym. More importantly, there were a lot of people that were actually working out without a partner. It was crazy for me to see that all of these people came to the gym by themselves. As I was working out with Cesar, I couldn’t help but continually glance at all of the people lifting weights. It seemed very independent of them to come to the gym by themselves. I really admired their courage. A few days later, Cesar was busy and was not able to go to the gym with me. I decided to try something new for the first time in my life. I was going to go workout alone. I packed my bag, and drove to the gym. I had the workout routines memorized by now from working out with cesar so much, so I ended up doing one of our usual routines.
After my workout was finished, I was in for a surprise. I ended up having one of the greatest sessions ever. My whole body felt very worked. I was able to focus better than ever. This was due to the fact that I did not have anyone to distract me. In fact, this workout was actually shorter than most of my other workouts. I realized that I accomplished a more intense workout, with greater results, in an even shorter amount of time. From then on, if Cesar didn’t go to the gym that day, I would not let that hold me back and I would still go by myself. This really changed my outlook on future events in life, even outside of the weight room. I learned that just because I am accustomed to performing a task certain way, this may not be the only way. In fact, it may not even be the best way. By going for a new opportunity in life, it lead to a great outcome that I would have never known if I kept being afraid.…...

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