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Delegated Legislation, as the name itself suggests, means the delegation of the power of law making by the legislature to the other organs of the government. In India, there is separation of powers between the organs of the government but this separation is not in water tight compartments. Delegated Legislation in India is seen when the legislature, delegates some of the law making powers to the executive. The aim of the doctrine of separation of powers is to guard against tyrannical and arbitrary powers of the State. The rationale behind the doctrine is that, if all power is concentrated in one and the same organ, it would give rise to the danger that it may enact tyrannical laws, and also execute them in a despotic manner. In the face of the complex socio-economic problems demanding solution in a modern welfare state, it has been agreed by many legal scholars that the strict application of the separation theory is no longer possible to apply the nevertheless, it has not become completely redundant and its chief value lies in emphasizing the fact that it is absolutely essential to develop adequate checks and balances to prevent administrative arbitrariness. Thus, it has been stated about the doctrine, “Its objective is the preservation of political safeguards against capricious exercise of power; and incidentally, it lays down lines of an effective division of functions. Its logic is the logic of popularity rather than strict classification….the great end of the theory is, by dispensing in some measure the centers of authority, to prevent absolutism.”
There are many reasons for the growth of delegated legislation. Primarily the reasons are that the old police state has now given way to a concept called the Welfare State. Due to this the Parliament faces a shortage a time, considering the…...

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