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Ok. First, I just want to say that I think it is so cool that you guys have this awesome forum. I’ve never had a good reason to post in it before, but, well, I’m in Mr. McMurtry’s 10th grade honors English class (go me), and our half-year fiction project is due just before winter break, which is coming up.

Ok. So, before you read this, you should know that I already asked Mr. McMurtry if I could write my fiction project in an experimental science fiction style and make lots of horrible, malicious, false, and hateful blood libels against the Mormons, and he asked what I had in mind, and I told him that I thought it could be cool to write a story that consisted entirely of a War between Mormons and Scientologists and Atheist Texan Cowboys in the Future, and he said that would be fine.

I knew he’d let me do it, as his homosexuality is a well known fact to the student body, and therefore his concomitant openness to avant-guard art and literature and experimentation and stuff like that. Not like the other English teacher, Ms. Nichols, who is the sort of totally sexless spinster that makes her students write poems about Jesus, which I’m pretty sure is fucking illegal, although I’m sure nobody in this hick town cares. God and Football, all the way.

Ok, so, then I didn’t do any work on it at all until last night. We had to do a one-page outline a few weeks ago, which is so stupid, so I did it on the bus and I have no idea what I wrote, so last night I just started over from scratch.

Anyway, last night, I thought, hey, why not post it on the forums and see what people on the forums think about it? And then, I had the absolute coolest idea. What if, when I hand in the final copy, I hand in the entire thread as my story? My story would be in there somewhere, and then all the posts that you goons make will also be part of the story. That would be so awesome, because…...

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...The principles of modern management theories that can be applied in a healthcare setting would be contingency and resource dependency theories. According to Weill and Olson (1989), An Assessment of the Contingency Theory of Management Information System in contingency theory, is a class of behavioral theory that claims that there is no best way to organize a corporation, to lead a company, or to make decisions. The health care industry is constantly shifting, meaning fluctuations in medical procedures and the environment of the workplace. According Weill and Olson (1989), the theory stated that management should stay flexible and remain capable of reorganizing structurally and procedurally as needed to keep up with demands and requirements. Moreover, the theory clearly applies to the hospital setting as the administration should be willing to adjust to issues that fit the demands of the workplace. This will aid in reducing the stress within the work environment. According to Davis and Cobb (2009), Resource Dependence Theory: Past and Future, mentioned that the resource dependence theory organizational accomplishment happens when a business capitalize on its power and influences in gaining the resources necessary for the businesses’ existence. Most businesses that are deficient in resources will seek to become partners of other organizations who have more resources. The dependence connection means that organizations become dependent on each other’s ability to have......

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...don’t want to believe that their child may have a problem. There are many laws that must be followed when identifying students that may have an ID. The first is taking the necessary steps to diagnose ID. The parents have to stay involved every step of the way. The schools are given a list of duties they must follow when trying to identify students with ID. Students are assessed from someone outside of the school to ensure that the decisions are nonbiased according to the IDEA. An IEP must be developed and placement must also be determined, which is whether to put the student in the Least Restrictive Environment according to IDEA. There is a point system that is used to determine how the students are placed. Students that are identified with an Intellectual Disability must have significant problems in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. Once a determination is made that a student has an ID and needs special education, the team develops an IEP for the student. The ultimate goals for students identified with an ID is that they are educated with the general education setting, engage in all learning activities from general education classes and teachers must accommodate the students as needed or modify the lessons as needed. Most of the students end up in a general education class if they have shown significant progress and is able to function with the other students in the classroom. The goal is to get them with the general education teacher and class to function like......

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