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It was when I earned my first pound at the age of ten washing my mother's car that I became interested in the power of money. Over time it became clear to me that the people who understand the monetary and banking system are capable of understanding the decisions made by governments and the future of society. I want to be one of those people.

To broaden my knowledge of different areas of finance, I have read a number of different books on the subject - from "How the City of London Works" to "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I am also a regular reader of the Economist magazine. I believe that reading such books and magazines has given me insight into topics not covered at school, for example how Japanese management in Chinese factories caused unrest among the workforce due to the Chinese workers' dislike of the Japanese management style, and how this affected the share price of companies such as Honda. Reading about such things has made me realise how the subject of Finance and the economy affects everybody's lives, and has strengthened my desire to further study the subject. The A-level subjects I am studying give me a firm foundation for studying Finance at University. Business Studies at A-level has greatly improved my analytical and writing skills. I have particularly enjoyed the part of the course which concerns how a firm selects financial strategies and how managers choose which aspect of a firm needs the most investment. German has improved my communication skills and self-confidence and has also made me more appreciative and open to other cultures. Alongside the logical method of thinking that I have developed from Mathematics at A-level, I believe that I am well prepared to take on a degree course in Finance at University.

My part-time job as a receptionist at a sports and leisure club has given me some insight into the demands of working life. Having worked there…...

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