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ABC Analysis Chart and Behavior Change Chart

Unit 6

CE300-Assessments and Observation in Early Childhood

Chesia Stowe

Part I
ABC Analysis
Child:________EMILY_____________ Observer:___Chesia Stowe__________________

|Date |Time |Antecedent |Behavior |Consequence |Possible Function |
|9-10-14 |9:00 AM to 9:10 Am |Emily was playing with a doll |Emily bites Janesta because she|I go over to Emily to her that |Emily wanted her doll back that|
| | |and Janesta took it from her. |took the doll from her |we do not bite and place her in |was taking from her by Janesta |
| | | | |my lap for a time out period | |
|9/10/14 | 10:30 AM to 10:40 AM |Emily bit the little boy for no|Emily bites the boy in her |Picked Emily up and moved her by|Emily felt like she wasn’t |
| | |reason |class on the back |herself |getting any attention so she |
| | | | | |decided to bit. |

Part II
Behavior Change Chart

|Antecedent |How would you change the antecedent? |What do you expect to happen and |What else might happen and why? |What strategies would you implement and why? Include|
| | |why? | |references! |
|Emily was playing with a doll and |Have different centers and resources |The children will have more |Even though there are more |Stay very involved with the children, play with the |
|Janesta took it from her. |available for Emily and the other |options available that will allow|options are available for Emily |children, and walk around the room observing and |
|Emily bit the little boy for no |children to have options available |them to have more availability to|she may still want the doll that|have close watch on each child. Especially stay very|
|reason. |that will keep her busy with |interact and explore different |Janesta wants, and she still |close to Emily to observe and motor her movements |
| |different activities. (Oesterreich, |resources around the room. |might bite the little boy again |(Oesterreich, 2005. |
| |2005. This will keep her from biting |(Connor, 2004). |for no reason. | |
| |Janesta and the little boy because | | | |
| |she will be occupied. | | | |
|Consequence |How would you change the consequence?|What do you expect to happen and |What else might happen and why? |What strategies would you implement and why? Include|
| | |why? | |references! |
| |Let Emily engage with other children |Emily will enjoy engaging with |Emily becomes calm and focuses |Talk to Emily try to make her understand that when |
|I took Emily to a reading center. |in the class this way they will be |the other children, and she will |on the fun the all the other |she bites her friends it hurts then. Show her than |
|She begin looking and flipping |together rather than separated from |like the fact that they are all |children are having together |she plays together and be nice her friends that they|
|pages of the book for about 10 |one another (Stahl, 2007). |playing together as friends. |(Connor, 2004). |will want play with her more often. |
|Mins. | | | |(Oesterreich,) 2005. |

References Connor, D. F. (2004). Aggression and antisocial behavior in children and adolescents: Research and treatment. New York: Guilford.

Oesterreich, L. (2005). Divorce Matters: A Child's View. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Extension.

Stahl, M. (2007). Parenting after divorce: Resolving conflicts and meeting your children's needs. Atascadero, Calif: Impact Publishers.…...

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