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My second shift starts in fortyfive minutes. The ones with dimentia could be called the reason I got into this business. That and the fairly simple job requirements. When I was getting out of the Army a fairly grey~area opportunity was presented to me. I was looking to secure my future and point my life in the right direction. The guy next to me in the mandatoy class we all had to go theough to end our contacts told me about his wife. I hadnt met her but her story had inspired my corrupt and eager mind. This woman* laura* had gotten into hospice care. For those of you unfamiliar with the field* generally hospice deals with terminally ill and very elderly patients. At that point which was about two years into her contract* she had been left a several thousand dollars* a BMW* and a the bedroom two bathroom HOUSE on the emerald coast. It was mindblowing. So manyu families just give up near the end and the one the patient cares about is the one who seems to care. I dont know Lauras motives. Nobody goes into this soul wrenching practice hoping to make some easy money. Nobody but me.

Every Day I put on my plain white uniform and go to work as a sort of bouncer. I dont work at a ritzy night club or private security. The government signs my checks. I dont kick rich kids out of bars. I am often tasked to make sure our clients DONT leave. Hired muscle and a pretty face.

Fouty two minutes. I might not have time to get to the gas station to take my morning redbull dosage. This is going to be a long day. This is how they fuck you. Wednsday morning I make plans for the weekend. I was going to go from sterio shop to electronics shop comparing prices. All I want is two ten inch speakers and the required amp to install in my shitty little car. Music has long been my relief. afternoon comes and the next schedule is up on the board. *weekend warrior shift* is a smaller section…...

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...Nustache and want committ access, please contat me! For a list of implementations (other than .NET) and editor plugins, see http://mustache.github.com/. Installation: - Pull from GitHub or download the repository and build it. - Or, install via NuGet (search for Nustache). - If you're using MVC, you'll want to build/install the Nustache.Mvc3 project, too. Usage: For non-MVC projects: - Add a reference to Nustache.Core.dll (done for you if you used NuGet). - Import the Nustache.Core namespace. - Use one of the static, helper methods on the Render class. var html = Render.FileToString("foo.template", myData); - Data can be object, IDictionary, or DataTable. - If you need more control, use Render.Template. - See the source and tests for more information. - For compiled templates: var template = new Template(); template.Load(new StringReader(templateText)); var compiled = template.Compile(null); var html = compiled(fooInstance); For MVC projects: - Add a reference to Nustache.Mvc3.dll (done for you if you used NuGet). - Add NustacheViewEngine to the global list of view engines. - See Global.asax.cs in the Nustache.Mvc3.Example project for an example. nustache.exe: - Command-line wrapper around Render.FileToFile. - Parameters are templatePath, dataPath, and outputPath. - Reads JSON or XML from dataPath for data. - If extension is .js or .json, assumes JSON. Must wrap with { }. - If extension is .xml,......

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...Without understanding its value there’s nothing stopping co-workers from hurting each other’s feelings and damaging team efficiency to shameful degrees and new personal lows. This is why it greatly helps to “be specific rather than general, and “phrase problems for the group not just the individual” in order to conceive a interconnected network of people. (FTMO pg. 129) However, the biggest personal hurdle that one must overcome, and perhaps obviously so, is the selfishness. If all the personal agendas of the workplace came to light we wouldn’t cease to be astounded. In some cases these can be pretty blatant and in even more extremely subtle. The dog eat dog mentality must be eviscerated for more productive practices to thrive. Its just as much about strengthening the communication skills of the weakest members of a team, as checking the over reach of the more domineering character types that can dictate not only the direction, but the general morale. One that all team leaders have to deal with, for instance, is negative responses to criticism. After all, we live in a world where people aren’t as open minded as they probably should be. Positive reinforcement is a prime way to curve bad habits such as these as reasoning should be the saving grace is when most workplace conflicts pop their ugly heads. This reasoning should extend to a unanimous team members’ bill of rights. When a problem arises, it shouldn’t just be seen as such, but as an opportunity for the work unit to......

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...I prefer thongs for butt flossing; they're much more fashionable and attractive. I used to love staring at the girls' thongs in high school during class. I noticed that I saw the most thongs in middle school, the next most in high school, and then the least in college. You would probably think that it would be the other way around but alas, only women know why they do what they do. I could probably speak at length about my experiences with looking at girls' thongs while going through each year of school. Every guy reading this knows that it was just too much all at once for us teenage boys to handle. Going through puberty, being horny as fuck, and developing sexual and romantic feelings for girls that used to have cooties was intensely interesting and enjoyable at the time. For the girls to then place their newfound sexuality right there in our faces in school each day by wearing thongs was just incredible. Sadly, the proliferation of thongs did not continue unabated up through college and they went the way of the dinosaur, the bald eagle, and boy bands as far as sightings were concerned. If you really needed a fix, you could always go to the catholic school dances each Friday night where all of the out-of-control 7th grade White girls from my town and the town over would flood the gym with their thongs, lip gloss, and spaghetti straps on. The chaperones never used to check for butt cheek bifurcation or say much about their dress code and wouldn't kick the girls out for......

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...imperialist-colonialism of the late 19th and early 20th century. Ever since the rise of neo-colonialism in the post World War II era, it has preferred more indirect methods of domination, by relying on local surrogates and economic compulsion. It is expressed that the United States government is no longer governed by the will of the people. It stands to the people of the land to rein in such intolerable acts, and stand against the corporations and special interests that have made our nation so hated. For those who think that their vote doesn't count, that is exactly what the corporations want you to think. That we as a nation is powerless to stop them. Our government is not a failing country; we are failing to maintain our government as it should be. It is also expressed that the United States is the world's most powerful nation, there are limited resources in the world and wars over them are inevitable. It could be worst then it is now. After watching Chomsky video on United States imperialism, a couple of questions was brought up in my head. What will you say to the people who have suffered by the ones we have put in power? Do you think most of the world has the power we do, to not only vote in our leaders, but to vote in the leaders for the most powerful and influential nation in the world? These questions and many more questions are ones that should be taken in consideration and looked at. Imperialism isn’t over and it isn’t in the past. It is still alive and well in......

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...houses. Additionally, we will destroy the houses of those who refuse to leave.” The platoon sergeant asked you, the senior squad leader, to review the order, provide him feedback before the commander releases it. Reduces waste and costs of any reconstruction/ cultural property/ hostilities/ Unlawful targets Noncombatants Protected property/ Refrain from targeting civilians or their property/ Protect civilian property more than government property/ 1. What would your response to the order be? The order is violating the LOW. You can’t force civilians to leave if they don’t want to and you are to protect civilian property more than government property. Destroying the homes could be considered hostile act agents civilians. 2. Would you change it? Yes 3. How? Informing the mayor that at 0600 the evacuation will begin and he should gather every one up that wants to come. In form the people that staying could get them killed and that their homes can be rebuilt. 4. What actions would you employ to prevent Law of War violations and crimes? Always more traning and allways inforce the standard....

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