A Litany in Time of Plague Analysis

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A Litany in Time of Plague
Q) Comment closely on the ways in which the poem, 'A Litany in Time of Plague,' expresses the idea of impending death.
Ans.) Thomas Nash's poem, 'A Litany in Time of Plague,' was written during the time when several plagues infested Europe, in the 15th century, resulting in countless amounts of deaths, and thus discusses the idea of impending and inevitable death. 'Litany' is synonymous with the word prayer and so the poem is similar in nature to a prayer or a recital. However, the content of this poem is excessively dark and carries the notion of a helpless time of despair- the only entity left to resort to is the 'Lord' himself. Using powerful imagery and grim realism, Nash conveys the idea of the ultimate reality of life, that death will overshadow anything and anyone, regardless of their status, wealth or beauty as 'Death proves them all but toys.'
The poem opens with the word 'Adieu,' providing the idea of death and departing from the very first line. Farwell is said to 'earth's bliss,' all the joys and comforts of life, which helps in setting a gloomy and despairing tone. The punctuation of this stanza, a semi-colon after each line, also aids in keeping a slow rhythm, adding to the gloomy tone and atmosphere. Alternatively, it could also suggest a slow death or a dying person's last words, as they are said in a slow rhythm as well. The poet believes that all the 'lustful joys' of life are fond and foolish, since in front of death they are but mere 'toys.' He confirms his belief that no one and nothing is safe from a personified 'Death,' from whose 'darts' no one can escape. This supports the overall idea and theme of the poem, that death is inevitable and uncertain; it will ultimately consume everyone. The ending two lines of the stanza act as a refrain and reiterate the fact there lies no choice but to accept death, as the poet…...

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