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In this day of age, most people are extremely concerned about their health and ways to keep fit. You can tell by seeing how people act; they go the gym all the time, they eat less food and they might even take diet supplements to maintain a ‘healthy’ body. However, is that really what health is all about? Are people under some sort of misconception? When you are writing an argumentative essay in college, you should think of different topics related to health. It might be difficult to come up with some great topics, but here are a few to get you started:

Should people take diet supplements as part of their diet?
Diet supplements are supposed to be natural, but many manufacturers add artificial ingredients in it to enhance the effects of weight loss. However, this comes at the cost of the person’s health. Indeed, the person will lose more weight for sure, but his health will also deteriorate due to the ingredients. Do you think this is ethical? Should this be illegal? You have plenty of things to talk about in your essay!

Is gym hurting or helping our body?
People go to the gym all the time nowadays. Not that it’s bad, but are the effects really that useful? It is true that you are burning off more calories but that comes at the expense of your physical body as well. Your body is not meant to be working so hard and sooner or later, it will wear down. That’s going to take a toll on your body and it might not be ideal. What are your views? Express them in your essay.

Should people stop taking fewer medicines and let our body cure ourselves?
This applied only to minor illnesses, like a common cold. Our body has plenty of white blood cells that will cure our body by killing off the pathogens. However, we are relying so much on medicines that our immune system is actually weakening. Again, this would make a great essay topic! In your essay, you should talk about…...

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