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Sociological Experience The sociological movie I chose to watch was, “A Bug’s Life”. I found several sociological concepts while watching the film. The movie is focused on a colony of ants that are being oppressed by a gang of grasshoppers who come every season demanding food from the ants. The grasshoppers use their size to dominate over the ants. One day in the spring, when the offering’s preparation has just been finished, an ant named Flik causes the whole offering of seeds to fall over into a river. The grasshoppers come and harass the ants and decide to give them one more chance to gather seeds. They expect the ants to do all of the work so the grasshoppers can just sit and play. The ants represent the working poor no matter how much work they do they cannot get ahead, while the grasshoppers hardly work and stay on top.
Flik tries to recruit warrior bugs to fight off the grass hopers. Flik’s so called warriors turn out to be a group of circus bugs. When the colony discovers this they desperately try to pull together enough food for a new offering to the grasshoppers. After failing to gather enough food they try to scare them away with a fake bird. It nearly works, but Hopper the leader of the grasshoppers realizes that it was an imposter. As he is about to kill Flik the ants realize that they outnumber the grasshoppers 100-to-1 so they fight them off. This part of the movie demonstrates the effects of size in a group. They no longer have to live in fear of the grasshoppers.
This movie shows several examples of culture. Some of the norms this culture shares are shown with the gathering and picking of food. They all follow a set known order and march in a single file line. When Flik makes an invention to speed up the collection of seeds his idea is shut down. One of the older ants says, “We’ve harvested the same way since I was a pupa.”…...

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