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7 Challenges of Custom and In-House Built Applications and How Yurbi Can Help
Custom-made or in-house applications offer advantages to organizations. They are made to address specific requirements or fix gaps in software deployment. The code and program is owned by the company outright, and modifications can be made on-the-fly. Often in-house applications are created to save money, or to address a critical business function at a particular business.
These advantages have drawbacks as well. Software made to specific requirements is inflexible and hard to manage. The person that wrote the program is often long gone, and the current team may struggle to maintain the code. Meaningful data can be hard to extract, and business decision-making with the data you do get is difficult and time consuming.
Challenge 1: Direct to Data
Yurbi goes right around these obstacles by tapping into the data itself. It doesn’t matter what spaghetti code the developer used to create a “custom app,” because Yurbi interacts directly with the database or a database extraction layer. Now you can get all the rich reporting and powerful dashboarding abilities of Yurbi without creating yet another patch to your current in-house system. Data can be shared rapidly and securely with stakeholders inside and outside the organization–all at a reasonable investment with no out-of-control development costs or overdue projects.
Challenge 2: Web and Mobile
One of the keys to getting useful data is making it easy for a wide variety of people to access it easily and quickly. Yurbi’s web interface and handy mobile app allow managers, techs, support staff and people outside the organization to pull reports, analyze information and make better decisions.
Challenge 3: Security Layer
With custom-made applications, security is often an afterthought. As long as the program performs its main function, managers didn’t…...

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