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Women leading cashew into the Future
Leveraging women’s roles in the Indian cashew processing industry
Concept note - February 2016


While the cashew industry is taking important steps towards mechanization, negative side effects are that many female workers beyond their 30ies might lose their job with little hope for alternative decent employment. Besides, young people lose interest to work in the cashew processing industry threatening the sector in the long run.
Being an important player in the cashew market and in the frame of its Buying into the Future sustainability strategy, Intersnack Procurement (ISP) proposed to its key supplier Rajkumar Impex (RI) to join forces in the commitment to counteract this tendency prejudicial to the cashew sector and their common business. Rajkumar accepted the invitation. Civic stakeholders i.e. ICCO Cooperation, in particular ICCo India, and BoP Innovation Center through the initiative ‘Women as Inclusive Business partners, will be key partners in the design and implementation of the project.

Women as Inclusive Business partners in the cashew industry

Partners recognize that the - often hidden- potential of women can lead the cashew industry into higher efficiency standards, increased product and processes quality and greater gender equality. To seize this potential and position, project partners envisage a project with a focus on:

* Enhancing women’s access and agency to upgrade their position in the cashew sector * Enlarging women’s scope for work opportunities in and beyond the cashew processes * Active promotion of the aspiration level in women to position work in the cashew industry as a ‘Profession with Pride’ * Enabling forward looking cashew companies to look upon women as key to the success of their business.


* To enable affected women…...

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